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Dancing Funnel – Dancing Nemo

Being a very new soap-crafter, I thought I am being overly ambitious and over-confident trying to enter an international soap challenge. However, with support from friends, family and wonderful groups of soapers on Facebook who saw my trials, I was encouraged to just go ahead and submit my entry.

The technique called the Dancing Funnel required us to fill a slab mold with layers of soap circles in at least two colours. One outline colour and one solid colour filling the circle.

This requires us to hand blend the soap batter instead of using the usual stick blender to keep the batter fluid enough to work with. (I recently learned that my great-grandmother used to make homemade soap! While making this soap, I sort of imagined this is how she would have made it in those days before electric blenders.) I loved this method and am going to use it in the future as well. This really helps when we need slow-moving batter to make intricate soap designs.

IMG_20160731_150505When I chose these colours, all I thought was to use bright contrasting colours using all natural colorants. However, once this was completed, I realized that my design resembles Nemo!
Desktop-free-download-clown-fish-wallpapers-HDThis brought back awesome memories of the Scuba diving course that I took this summer. My first ever thrilling dive experience was at a dive-site called the Nemo Reef in the Andaman islands which was teeming with Clown fish.


So getting down to business…This was my third attempt and as we know, third time’s the charm 🙂

I used my slow-moving swirl recipe shown below:

20% Coconut Oil Activated Charcoal
30% Palm Oil French Red clay
20% Canola Oil Kaolin Clay
4% Castor Oil Cedarwood Essential Oil
6% Sweetalmond Oil Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil
20% Sunflower Oil

The tools I used are almost all recycled stuff found at home. The mold is a small cardboard box, lined with a thick plastic sheet. This sheet is cut from the bags in which large online stores package their stuff. My squeeze bottles are empty dish wash liquid bottles. They work just as well as ketchup bottles but the plus was, I had loads of these lying at home!

Since I am entering the All-Natural category, I was particular that the final picture should be taken outdoors with the garden in the backdrop. The weather was perfect to give me a soft diffused natural light.



Here are pics of all my other trials…


33 thoughts on “Dancing Funnel – Dancing Nemo

  1. You definitely have talent, Aruna! Your soap turned out fantastic, and I love that you showed your other attempts as well! I hope you can salvage your 5th batch somehow… I hope you’ll be back for more challenges!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I’ve been a recycler for years.
      And I didn’t do anything special with the kaolin. Just mixed it with the batter before filling the bottles. My oils are all very light colored, didn’t use much Olive. Maybe that’s why?


  2. Aruna,, I have not been making soap very long either. I started in November 2015, and this is my third challenge, it took a while for me to join the group and participate. Very supportive group, I have learned so much about soapmaking from the gracious teachers and Amy of course the group of people are wonderful too. I have been boycotting computers for a long time, so I also I had to learn about computers, still working on that one, not only do I have soap, but a blog too 🙂 Next month they are dividing us up in to new soapers and experienced soapers…. I hope to see you again next month.

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    1. I hope to be there next month too! best of luck to all of us again 🙂 I started soaping in June and I have so much to learn. trying to grab every opportunity I get with the limited soap time that my day job allows me.

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  3. Beautiful soap Aruna!! Love how you used what you have around your house too 🙂 It’s funny, when I was cleaning up after making my soap and squeezing out some dishsoap onto my sponge a lightbulb went off and I thought “wow this is a great squeeze bottle! haha. Congratulations, can’t wait to see all the soaps you’re going to make 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i have hoarded a lot of junk thinking I can reuse them sometime. I’m glad I got the chance to use these bottles that got accumulated at home. Now that I make all my soap (including dish soap bars) this set is probably the last that I will get 🙂


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